Available routes are as follows:

Kavos (Lihada Beach):

First Departure 11:00 am and itinerary every 30 minutes until 17:30

Kamena Vourla:

Check out 11:00 am and return at 17:00

From Kavos:

From Kavos (Evia) to the Lichadonisia II (Glass Bottom), Lichadonisia IV (Glass Bottom)

Providing  FREE secure Parking
Floating platforms

From Kamena Vourla:
The visit to the beach of Limassolion can be reached by car to Kamena Vourla, and from there with the ships “Lichadonisia I” & “Lichadonisia III”.

The beginning of the ferry routes to and from Limanonisia is made by the port of Kamena Vourla.


A breath away from Lichada, North Evia and across from Kamena Vourla, the area preserves its precious secret … the verdant islands with the endless blue, Lichdonisia challenge even  the Caribbean!

Price list:

Kamena Vourla: 13 € / person with return – 6 € / minors
Kavos (Evia): 7 € / person with return – children under 10 years free of charge


* Hours and days of tours may be subject to minor changes.

** In any case, you will be informed in good time of any change.